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Jeep Grand Cherokee Pedal Covers

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pedal Covers

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December 08, 2016
By BC Hughes
These look good installed and as sometimes the case, looking good takes a lot of effort to accomplish.

I installed the two pedal covers. These are the tools you need to get it done: 1. mirror (to help in alignment) 2. hair blow dryer (set on hot to heat pads and pedals) 3. light (to see what you are doing) 4 the pedal covers

After removing the original brake pedal cover, heat the break foot rest area. Heat the new OEM Mopar stainless steel cover back rubber area until it is pliable. Use the light and mirror to align the right side rubber to the metal foot pad and push that side on. gradually work your way toward the left side of the rubber prying up the edges as you go. The corners are the most difficult. You may want to use a short handle flat tipped screw driver to help pry the rubber over the foot pad. It may take more than one try. Keep the warm air blowing on the areas.

The accelerator pad is easier to install. Heat both surfaces the accelerator as well as the stainless steel cover back and front. There is a direction to the tabs. Place it in the orientation shown in the original directions. Align the pad to the top and bottom and to the left side. Use the mirror to see this alignment. Push firmly on the right side. You will need your fingers under the accelerator. Use your hands like pliers and forcefully snap the right side down. You will hear a satisfying click as it snaps in place.

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