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Jeep Grand Cherokee Kayak Rack

Jeep Grand Cherokee Kayak Rack
The Jeep Grand Cherokee Thule Kayak Rack features a "bottom down" design that's more efficient than side style racks. Using this rack, the kayak is loaded from the rear of the Grand Cherokee. The front of the kayak is lifted on to the Grand Cherokee and then pushed forward. There is never a point when the entire weight of the kayak needs to be lifted. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Thule Kayak Rack is also designed to decrease wind sheer resistance at high speeds, which increases gas mileage on long trips.

  • Thule 883 Glide and Set Kayak Rack
  • Mounts to utility bars or factory cross rails
  • Includes one pair ratcheting tie downs, two straps, and buckle protectors
  • Replaces part TC883KAY
  • For installation instructions, click here.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Model Year(s):
    2011 - 2020
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