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Jeep Cherokee Cargo Management System - Bag Holder Kit

Ever go to the store, load up on supplies, then drive them home just to found them spread all over your trunk? We have, and it's annoying. Meet the solution: the Jeep Cherokee Bag Holder Kit. Whether it's groceries for the family, supplies for the hunt, or equipment for the game, if it's in a bag, we've got you covered. The Bag Holder Kit includes a set of four adjustable, removable hooks that can mount to the side bars in your Jeep Cherokee's trunk. Hang your bags and trust that with this rugged Jeep Cherokee Bag Holder Kit, your groceries will be exactly where you left them.

  • Grocery Bag Holder Kit
  • Set of four adjustable removable hooks

    View installation instructions: here.

    Jeep Cherokee
    Model Year(s):
    2014 - 2018
    Part Number(s):
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