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Dodge Grand Caravan Fog Light Kit

Dodge Grand Caravan Fog Light Kit

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March 14, 2015
By William Schneider
Great price, fog light kit arrived at my door in just over a week. Kit is very complete and of high quality. A few very important things are not mentioned in the sales listing. My van is a 2015. Number one you will need to have experience with disassembling and repinning the factory 16 pin connector. The instructions make it seem like you can just slide the wire into the conector but you can not. You have to remove the pin block offs inside it. Also the diagram in the instructions does not match the wording in the directions. It says to use pin locations 7 and 9 but the pictures show the wrong locations.
Lastly but most IMPORTANT! THE FOG LIGHTS WILL NOT WORK UNTIL YOU GO HAVE YOUR COMPUTER REFLASHED AT THE DEALER. So be sure to factor the cost of an hour of the dealers time when considering buying these.

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