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Ram 1500 Parking Sensors

Ram 1500 Parking Sensors
Back in the day some people considered Parking Sensors to be unnecessary, a feature designed for bad drivers or those driving really big trucks. Technology and attitudes have changed, and given how crowded the cities have become and how few parking spaces we have left, a Ram 1500 Parking Sensor is an excellent feature to have. If you didn't consider adding them when you bought your 1500 from the dealer, or you just purchased it second hand, Mopar has the perfect solution.

ParkSense ultrasonic sensing technology assists you in slowly backing up your 1500 and during parking maneuvers. Four ultrasonic sensors are discreetly integrated into the rear bumper, activating an interior light / sound indicator when your 1500 is in reverse and detects an object. These sensors can detect objects behind your car up to six feet away. Includes LED / audible interior warning indicator.

View installation instructions: here.

Ram 1500
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2009 - 2017
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