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Ram 1500 Grille

Ram 1500 Grille

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February 16, 2015
By Devin Brian
Grille is identical to the one pictured (straight bars with honeycomb holes cut out). I was worried it might be the kind that look like a chain linked fence. Instructions are typical, i.e. worthless. Do not pull the grille out like it's hinged at the bottom as in the instructions. Pull it straight out. You may want to stock up on 4 retainer clips (68213168AA, .50 cents a piece) in case yours break. Unclipping the inserts once the grille is removed requires time, patience, and a couple of small soft flathead screwdrivers. Reassembly is straight forward and the grille looks great. Possibly one of the best cosmetic upgrades you can get.

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